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Monday, September 14, 2020 
Soil Mechanics and Foundations I
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
22 On the determination of unsaturated soil property functions Delwyn Fredlund Unsaturated Soil Technologies Ltd Canada
27 Application of a generalized subgrade model in the analysis of circular plates on elastic foundations Meron Alebachew Mekonnen Philips Medical Systems Ethiopia
31 An overview on the determination of the shear strength of coarse grain materials (rockfills) from small scale laboratory tests Akram Deiminiat Polytechnique de Montréal Canada
40 New method of laboratory determination of the coefficient of earth pressure at rest, K0   
Michael Braverman GHD Ltd. Canada
54 Viscous (time-dependent) behaviour of saturated clay in consolidated undrained triaxial compression Chee Wong University of Calgary Canada
19 Rethinking the strength properties of soils in the Greater Toronto Area
Geoffrey Creer Toronto Transit Commission Canada
Mining Geotechnics and Hydrogeology I
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
29 Earth pressure coefficient in a vertical backfilled opening Jian Zheng Polytechnique de Montréal Canada
33 Effect of height and downstream slope on the seismic behavior of tailings impoundments reinforced with waste rock inclusions Ali Reza Zafarani Polytechnique de Montréal Canada
38 Numerical modeling for determining the local vertical hydraulic gradient at the wall of a tunnel Alireza Shahbazi Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Canada
43 The effect of waste rock inclusions on the static stability of tailings dikes Abtin Jahanbakhshzadeh Polytechnique de Montréal Canada
53 Two case studies: Efficient design of mine structures using the observational approach at Kearl Tiequn Feng Imperial Oil Resources Limited Canada
115 Scaled physical modelling of granular flow from storage hoppers and silos Hagos Okbayes Eman Western University of Canada Canada
Geoenvironmental Engineering I
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
13 Numerical and experimental investigation of bentonite-sand mixtures Mahsa Shafaei Bajestani University of New Brunswick Canada
109 Determination of unsaturated hydraulic properties for low impact developments Satbir Guram York University Canada
113 Synthesis and application of nanoparticles and biosurfactant for oil-contaminated soil removal Kien Vu Concordia University Canada
335 The effect of mechanical loading and carbonation on the physical properties of  solidification and stabilisation Ghassan Aburaas École De Technologie Supérieure Éts Canada
422 Development of fragility curves for soil embankment slopes due to future extreme rainfall events  Leila Baninajarian York University Canada
Dams and Embankments I
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
16 On the development and challenges of particulate flow modeling in geotechnical engineering Ahmed Ibrahim McGill University Canada
25 Tailings dike seepage mitigation through adaptive tailings deposition sequencing Marion Habersetzer Golder Associates Ltd Canada
34 Monitoring of the change of moisture beneath railway embankment and effectiveness of a wicking geotextile Camila Brandao Silva de Alvarenga University of Alberta Canada
36 A case study of reinforced soil slopes in Ontario Laifa Cao WSP Canada
119 Geotechnical and geophysical investigations for a dam safety review project Allen Xu Advisian Canada
147 Post-seismic stability of a tailings impoundment reinforced with waste rock inclusions Carlos Contreras Polytechnique de Montréal Canada
Landslides and Geohazards I
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
49 Probabilistic analysis of three-dimensional slopes using the stochastic response surface method Sina Javankhoshdel Rocscience Canada
85 Design of deflection berms for small post-wildfire debris flows Dwayne Tannant University of British Columbia Canada
86 Field application of inexpensive custom-built programmable dataloggers for routine instrumentation needs Kelvin Sattler University of Saskatchewan Canada
91 Probabilistic 3D modeling of layered soil deposits: Application in seismic risk assessment Mohammad Salsabili UQAC Canada
188 How differences between snow avalanches and other slope hazards affect mapping and mitigation Bruce Jamieson Snowline Associates Ltd. Canada
189 Exploration of X-ray CT as an analysis tool for a slow-moving landslide in clay shale Kevin Wallin University of Alberta Canada
Soil Mechanics and Foundations II
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
358 Effect of specimen size on normalized dissipated energy per unit volume Carmine Polito Valparaiso University United States of America
74 The application and development of Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles in the Prairies  Fazli Raziq Shah Keller Canada
87 Centrifuge modeling of helical piles in stiff clay: installation torque and pore pressure response Weidong Li University of Alberta Canada
82 Effect of water and organic contents on the index and compressibility properties of organic soils Ahmed Elmouchi University of British Columbia Canada
94 Shear Strength Deterioration of Saline Intact Loess during Freeze-Thaw Cycling Jian Xu Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology China
Mining Geotechnics and Hydrogeology II
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
120 Hydrogeological simulation of an experimental waste rock pile with a flow control layer Tom Crouzal Polytechnique Montreal Canada
122 Waste rock disposal and segregation: Validation and upscaling of discrete element simulations Peiyong Qiu Polytechnique Montreal Canada
135 Comparative experimental study of consolidation properties of hard rock mine tailings Ngoc Dung Nguyen Polytechnique Montreal Canada
163 Influence of flocculant feed rate and solid content of fluid fine tailings on flocculation quality Abdulghader Abdulrahman Aldaeef Carleton University Canada
171 Effect of climatic conditions on AMD generation in filtered tailings storage facilities Laetitia Ayang Nzame A Polytechnique de Montréal Canada
377 Essais de traceur en écoulement rectiligne uniforme Anthony Delbar Polytechnique de Montréal Canada
Geoenvironmental Engineering II / Cold Regions Geotechnology I
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
436 Assessment of the long-term chemical stability of till-sludge mixtures for potential use as cover materials Rachid Amrou Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscam Canada
463 Preliminary study of the effect of pre-hydration and freeze-thaw cycles on GCL/Geomembrane interface transmissivity Farhana Jabin Queen’s University Canada
39 Constitutive modeling uniaxial compressive behaviors of an artificial frozen sandy clay at different temperatures  Sohail Akhtar Concordia University Canada
50 Monitoring the performance of wood blocking system for remediating timber piles in the Arctic Chao Liu University of Alberta Canada
78 Laboratory investigation of mechanical behaviour of cement-treated Edmonton clay subjected to freeze/thaw cycles Chao Liu University of Alberta Canada
146 Axial performance of screw micropiles subjected to quick loads in frozen soils  Shuai Gao University of Alberta Canada
Dams and Embankments II
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
166 Impact of seismic hazard on the ground response in Eastern North America Jessica Huo-kang Polytechnique Montreal Canada
235 A finite element analysis of the Fundão Dam failure  Guillermo Riveros Golder Associates Ltd Canada
276 Estimating the probability of failure of a dike due to post-liquefaction settlements  Laura Luna Dalhousie University Canada
280 Performance-based seismic analysis of embankments with DSM grid-type foundation improvement Vicki Nguyen Klohn Crippen Berger Canada
282 Dependence the precision of dam’s seismic analysis on dynamic behavior models of its constituent materials Samaneh Amirpour Harehdasht Englobe Corp Canada
315 Design, Construction and Long-Term Performance of a Major Highway Embankment Reconstructed using Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA) Bernie Mills Stantec Consulting Ltd. Canada
Landslides and Geohazards II
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
197 Slope stability evaluation and monitoring of a sandy bluff on the shoreline of Lake Erie Hugh Gillen DST Consulting Engineers Inc. Canada
213 The importance of seismic nonlinear ground analysis in Eastern Canada Zi Jing Zhang Polytechnique Montreal Canada
231 Behavior of a branched buried MDPE gas distribution pipe under axial ground movement Sudipta Chakraborty Memorial University of Newfoundland Canada
266 Hazard assessment of debris flows initiated by breach of small earth dams in British Columbia Amirali Mehdizadeh Englobe Corp Canada
306 Results of several Eastern Canada site response analyses Michael Snow Golder Associates Ltd Canada
183 Étude d’une coulée argileuse avec une approche à rebours et le recensement des glissements historiques François Saint-pierre Cima+ Canada
Tuesday, September 15 2020 
Soil Mechanics and Foundations III
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
107 Deriving stress/strain relationships from the contraction phase of pressuremeter tests in sands. Robert Whittle Cambridge Insitu Ltd United Kingdom
140 Effect of loads, structural stiffness and soil variability on reliability and performance of pile foundation Gennaro Esposito Dalhousie University Canada
160 Effect of Soil-Water Characteristic on the Stability of Unsupported Vertical Cuts Mahsa Shafaei Bajestani University of New Brunswick Canada
390 Matric suction and degree of saturation effects on shear strength of a sand and gravel Paul Chiasson Université de Moncton Canada
326 Driven piles installed in soft soils subjected to vertical and lateral soil movement Jakub Kania CP Test A/S Denmark
156 Estimation of stability of an unsupported deep vertical cut in clay Geeshpati Yanamandra University of New Brunswick Canada
Mining Geotechnics and Hydrogeology III
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
212 Blasted damaged zone influence on water and solute exchanges between backfilled open-pit and the environment Moise Rousseau Polytechnique Montreal Canada
222 Applicability of the fully grouted piezometer installation method for transient seepage conditions  Scott Martens Canadian Natural Resources Limited Canada
257 Numerical 3D model supporting decision of waterproofing or installing drainage system attenuating structures damages risks Moussa Kfoury Englobe Corp Canada
345 Aging and large-scale consolidation of centrifuge cake oil sands tailings. David Igbinedion Carleton University Canada
510 Mine dewatering wells: reducing economic risk and increasing the probability of success through diamond drilling.  Patrick Moran Rio Tinto Canada
72 Prototype column test to estimate hydraulic conductivity of slurry tailings  Yagmur Babaoglu Carleton University Canada
Soft and Sensitive Clays I
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
62 Sustained capacity of friction piles in clay treated by electro-osmosis: Observations over five decades Keli Shi Thurber Engineering Ltd Canada
237 Calibration of the Creep-SCLAY1S constitutive model parameters for champlain sea clay in Quebec Dale Brunton Arup Canada Canada
246 Simulation of the Cyclic Response of Anisotropic Clay through Bounding Surface Viscoplasticity Mohammad Zarrabi Polytechnique of Montreal And Northwestern University Canada
250 Settlement behaviour of embankment placed over wash pond sediment Kevin Lee Tetra Tech Canada Inc. Canada
308 Assessment of settlement in clayey soils under a new highway using 3D FEM Abdul Karim Elsalfiti SNC-Lavalin Canada
24 Data collection and information management across champlain sea clay deposits of Eastern  N’eem Tavakkoli Mcintosh Perry Consulting Engineers Canada
Transportation Geotechnics I
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
366 3D Numerical modeling of the enkoping metal pipe Islam Ezzeldin Dalhousie University Canada
375 Endommagement des chaussées par érosion interne, gel et dégel Zahia Makkeb Polytechnique Montreal Canada
14 Determination of resilient behavior of crushed waste rock using cyclic load CBR test Shengpeng Hao Polytechnique Montreal Canada
37 Optimizing approach slab design for settlement using soil-structure interaction modelling – A case study  Christine Ko Golder Associates Ltd. Canada
114 Effect of TBM Tunnel advancement on raft twist of an existing raft foundation Ahmed Elmouchi University of British Columbia Canada
142 Geotechnical assessment of the 1930s Jacques Cartier bridge Michael Snow Golder Associates Ltd Canada
Rock Mechanics and Engineering Geology I
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
381 Effect of spatial variability of foliation orientation on mining slope design Joseph Kabuya Mukendi Polytechnique de Montréal Canada
161 Statistical quantification of earthquake effects on the excavation damage zone Md Abdullah Asad York University Canada
162 Time-dependent borehole deformation in shale rocks and the influences on in-situ stress inversion Hongxue Han University of Waterloo Canada
289 Determination of the effects of mineralogy on the point load compressive strength of rock Mahdi Askaripour UQAC University Canada
303 The influence of rib spacing and borehole diameter on axial response of cemented rock bolt  Kieran Moore Royal Military College Canada
141 Numerical modelling of fully grouted rock bolts using 2D Finite Element method Ya Su Queen’s University Canada
Soil Mechanics and Foundations IV
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
198 Investigation on the mechanical and engineering properties of peat Aiming Liao The University of Alberta Canada
214 Geotechnical challenges associated with the design and construction of the new Champlain Bridge in Montreal Riad Diab SNC-Lavalin Canada
223 Calibration of the hardening soil small strain constitutive model parameters for Toronto Glacial Till  Evan Ma Arup Canada Canada
226 Assessment of shear strength parameters of moist sands using conventional triaxial tests Riju Chandra Saha Memorial University of Newfoundland Canada
251 Correlations of SPT, CPT and PMT for overburden soils along Lakeshore Corridor in Toronto, Canada  Abraham Mineneh WSP Canada
254 Driven pile capacity assessment using installation: Energy and pile set-up factor Matthew Neale Advisian Canada
Soil Mechanics and Foundations V
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
291 Differential settlement of foundations Gordon Fenton Dalhousie University Canada
297 Evaluating the capacity of helical piles in clay tills using pile load tests Ivanna Montani Stantec Consulting Ltd. Canada
385 Seismic performance of circular foundations resting on stone columns Adel Ahmadihosseini McGill University Canada
267 Axial pile capacity from CPT data in difficult soil Fauzi Jarushi University of Tripoli Libya
265 Correlation between the standard penetration test and the dynamic cone penetration test for sandy soil Fauzi Jarushi University of Tripoli Libya
Transportation Geotechnics II
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
155 A review of prediction methods of primary consolidation settlement from field monitoring data  Matthew Thibeault Golder Associates Ltd Canada
236 Stabilization of rail track, CN Dundas Sub, Dundas to Copetown, Ontario Mario Ruel Mario Ruel Consultant Canada
65 Effect of fines on mechanical properties of coarse aggregate Dieter Stolle McMaster Univesity Canada
253 Structural design of sheet pile shaft for GO Rail Expansion near Highway 401 and 409 Prakash Nadesparan R.V. Anderson Associated Ltd Canada
270 Vision for geotechnical asset management at Alberta Transportation Kristen Tappenden Alberta Transportation Canada
353 Two-Dimensional Performance of Integral Abutment Bridges using Finite Element Analysis Ahmed Abdullah Dalhousie University Canada
Dams and Embarkments III / Pipelines and Trenchless Technologies I
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
354 Ground improvement by stone columns –  A case study                                                 Adhila Haris Malikulam Dalhousie University Canada
426 Local Factor of safety in variably-saturated embankments due to climate change using In-situ stress fem Farsheed Bagheri GHD Ltd. Canada
59 Assessment of pipelines subjected to varying longitudinal soil displacement rates
Chee Wong University of Calgary Canada
73 Mechanical Behavior of a buried steel pipe during compaction procedure Yadong Zhang University of Calgary Canada
344 Forecasting failure of water mains under climate variations: Stochastic Modeling Process Zainab Almheiri McGill University Canada
137 Mitigating risks to shallow trenchless pipeline crossings using geophysics and test pitting Luc Toussaint BGC Engineering Inc. Canada
Wednesday, September 16 2020 
CGS Heritage Session
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
84 Kemano Project – 70 years of development Dwayne Tannant University of British Columbia Canada
98 The Canadian Geotechnical Society’s 1980s Canadian Geotechnical Heritage Book Project Doug VanDine VanDine Geological Engineering Limited Canada
446 The evolution of direct simple shear testing Dan Bruton Ecora Engineering & Resource Group Ltd. Canada
493 Paper and real pipelines of the Canadian Arctic  Jim Oswell Naviq Consulting Canada
494 The Canadian Geotechnical Virtual Archives Heinrich Heinz Thurber Engineering Ltd. Canada
504 The Terzaghi, Peck and Casagrande historical libraries – a  resource for the geotechnical profession Suzanne Lacasse NGI Norway
Application of Remote Sensing and Mapping I & Structures Founded on Clay Shale
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
288 Automatic reflector-less surface deformation monitoring of a 21-lane highway during SEM Tunneling construction  Loic Galisson Sixense Solutions Canada Ltd United States of America
365 Webequie First Nation supply road: Terrain analysis of the first Indigenous-led environmental assessment in Ontario Jason Cosford Jd Mollard And Associates Limited Canada
397 Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) deformation monitoring of a high-fill embankment in the Arctic Dylan Stafford University of Manitoba Canada
313 Improving slope stability analyses by use of 3d fem for highway embankment over clayey soil Hamid Ghorbanbeigi SNC-Lavalin Canada
Landslides and Geohazards III
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
341 Prediction of ground motion parameters in 1D ground response analysis Caroline Bessette Polytechnique Montreal Canada
379 Kinematic element method for slope stability Dieter Stolle McMaster Univesity Canada
414 Clay shear strength rate dependency and the available strength along earth slides rupture surfaces Arash Eshraghian Stantec Consulting Ltd. Camada
508 Effects of structure on the mechanical behavior of loess: implications for flowslides in cemented soils F Albert Liu University of Alberta Canada
12 Historical aerial photographs with digital photogrammetry to investigate the development of the Chin Coulee landslide Renato Macciotta University of Alberta Canada
Geosynthetics I
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
450 Effect of contact variability on interface transmissivity and implications for mine waste covers and ponds Farah Barakat Queen’s University Canada
337 Innovative mechanically stabilized earth walls with geotextile geocells  Stephan Fourmont Afitex-Texel Camada
399 Multi-axial geogrid stabilized working platform for ringer crane operation Lois Schwarz Tensar International Corp United States of America
Sustainable Geotechnics  I
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
116 Thermodynamic-based model for the thermo-poro-elastoplastic behavior of saturated clay. Mohammadhossein Sojoudi Concordia University Canada
143 Formulation of a sustainable geopolymeric binder based on pulp mill fly ash for subgrade stabilization Chinchu Cherian The University of British Columbia Canada
206 Developing a sustainable post-fire soil restoration technique using pulp mill fly ash Jaspreet Bring The University of British Columbia Canada
343 Assessment of a closed-loop geothermal system for seasonal freeze-back stabilization of permafrost Maryam Saaly KGS Group Canada
244 Case Study – Challenges faced in Portlands Flood Protection and Enabling Infrastructure (PLFPEI) Toronto project Charbel Abi-Nahed Geosyntec Consultants Canada
Oil Sands Geotechnology I
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
400 Long-term consolidation of two new polymer treatments of oil sands fluid fine tailings Kwaku Amoako University of Alberta Canada
405 Consolidation – Creep modelling of pilot’s studies on deposition of flocculated fluid fine tailings Narges Gheisari Carleton University Canada
425 2D and axisymmetric large strain consolidation modelling for tailings applications   Amin Esmaeilzadeh Carleton University Canada
503 Geotechnical Properties Determination to Evaluate Stability of Thickened Fluid Fine Tailing Deposits Alebachew Demoz Natural Resources Canada Canada
90 Evaluation of oil sands tailings using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Method Hirlatu Peruga Carleton University Canada
Soil Mechanics and Foundations VI
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
181 A case for a higher geotechnical resistance factor – piles driven to bedrock Michael Snow Golder Associates Ltd Canada
360 A study on pile setup of driven steel pipe in edmonton till Jason Ni Parkland Geotechnical Consulting Ltd. Canada
378 Comment améliorer les études géotechniques avec les banques de données des puits Robert Chapuis Polytechnique Montreal Canada
328 Experimental study on the critical height of an unsupported vertical cut Gregory Brennan University of New Brunswick Canada
Soil Mechanics and Foundations VII
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
406 Insights on threshold fines content Carmine Polito Valparaiso University United States of America
447 Deep foundation design and optimisation: A case study Raluca Opris WSP Canada
470 Simple techniques for numerical modeling of temporary excavation support systems in unsaturated soils Maha Saleh University of Ottawa Canada
134 Analysis of strip plates on elastic foundation using generalized sub-grade model Amlesu Tewoldebrhan China Communication Construction Company Ethiopa
Site Improvement Techniques I & Geophysical Methods I
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
384 Impact of lead and sodium carbonate on consolidation and hydraulic properties of clayey sand Adel Ahmadihosseini McGill University Canada
230 Predicting soil strength through electrical resistivity measurements in clay Tommy Kam California State University United States of America
249 Adding value to projects with Geophysical Ground Investigation: A review of three project case histories Michelle Watson Arup Canada Canada
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
173 A new disposal method of ultra-fine tailings Xiaofei Liu Bgrimm Technology Group China
369 Système de gestion des connaissances appliquées en géotechniques : étude de cas Hamza Karrad Université de Sherbrooke Canada
225 Community surficial geology and geohazards map series, Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories, Canada Shirley McCuaig SNC Lavalin Inc. Canada
278 Wellbore stability of highly deviated well intervals for large-diameter boreholes Javad Someehneshin Memorial University of Newfoundland Canada
182 Backfill analysis and parametric evaluation of the cement binder on cured strength and curing time Javad Someehneshin Memorial University of Newfoundland Canada
104 Experimental investigation of the soil-water retention of a glacial till from northern Quebec Emad Maleksaeedi Université de Sherbrooke/DEC ENVIRO Canada
393 Analytical solutions for dynamic consolidation of soft clay ground under different loading modes Shuangxi Feng Tianjin University / University of Victoria Canada
Offshore and Nearshore Geotechnical Issues I
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
331 Mechanism of wave-induced liquefaction around suction caissons  Amir Barari Moghaddam Aalborg University Denmark
71 Reliability assessment of drag embedment anchors in layered seabed, clay over sand Amin Aslkhalili Memorial University Canada
274 Seismic responses of monopile in sands under scour conditions Wenyu (Owen) Jiang University of Victoria Canada
Did not present at GeoVirtual
Paper # Title Presenter or First Author Affiliation Country
69 Compressive resistance of helical piles subjected to seismic loads Gustavo Padros Ipe Engineering Ltd Canada
273 Region-specific calibration of geotechnical resistance factors for axially loaded driven piles using dynamic monitoring result Pedram Roshani University of Ottawa Canada
186 The effect of back-fill grout characteristics on long-term ground settlement induced by shield tunneling Mohammad Forooghi Rahsaztarh Consulting Engineers Iran
458 Factors affecting geomembrane strain from differential settlement Richard Brachman Queen’s University Canada
373 Recent applications of jet grouting in the Prairies  Naresh Gurpersaud Keller Canada
256 Estimation of pore fluid pH effect on Skempton’s pore pressure parameter Bw  Debnath Mondal Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur India